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Why marry a photographer

Why marry a photographer? We can make you look, feel, and be beautify at any place, any time, and any age.


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Travel is only for the rich

While food, lodging, and transportation in China are all very cheap compared to the West, tourism on the other hand is quite expensive. This entrance to the park costs about $30, in contrast, the 3hr train to get to this place was $5.


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Toasts are for Laowai

Here you see a typical Chinese breakfast: plain congee with pickles, steamed bun with red beaks, and youtiao. The rice wine on the bottom is extra, I forgot to remove it from the table before taking the photo. Total cost: $1.20 (rice wine not included).


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Chinese AirBnB

These are the AirBnB of China, where locals open up their homes to tourists in popular destinations. It can be as cheap as $5/night during the low season to $50/night for those who don't negotiate during the high season.


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Shiny new buildings

While the new and shiny train stations in China are impressive and modern looking, what it lacks compared to the older train stations is personality. The older stations would have small street vendors crowded at the entrance selling everything from flashlights to freshly made box lunches. In the new stations, it is lined with fast food chains and internationally recognizable stores. Sometimes I wonder if this global conformity is such a good thing after all.


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