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Reason not to marry a photographer?

We will go to great lengths and sometimes take great risks just to take a photo. Those who are prone to jealousy may think we love our hobbies/professions more than themselves, and sometimes that is the case.

This was about km 25 of that long 30km hike into the middle of nowhere. At the end my feet and shoulders were aching a bit, but the scenery was more than worth the pain.


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The second biggest waterfall.. in China

Chishui (赤水), about 6 hours from Guiyang and Chongqing is a nice remote area to explore red rock formations, prehistoric ferns, and small waterfalls. With a height of only 1m shorter than the more famous Huangguoshu (黄果树)waterfall in the south, Shizhandong waterfall is the biggest amongst of them all.

Even with its relative remoteness, during the holidays, traffic to some sites can be backed up to 2km long.


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First cave adventure.. this trip

Zhijin Caverns near Guiyang is one of world's largest cave networks. With more than 100 crystalline formations, the cave stretches for more than 12 km. However, only 6 km have been developed for tourists, which is has been turned into multi colored light displays and, of course, walkways and staircases.


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Engineering and Rice

Rice terraces are the quintessential engineered structures in southern Asia. With thousands of cascading irrigation systems, these remarkable structures are terraformed from regular mountain hills into fertile rice fields, feeding hundreds of thousands of people.


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A Bridge without Nails

Chengyang bridge spanning 64m and 10m high located near Sanjiang is quite an engineering feat. The bridge took over 15 years to build, without any nails; it is solely built with interconnected wooden pieces by the Dong minority master carpenters. Quite an piece of engineering to behold.


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