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Tofu that stinks

Stinky tofu is a delicacy in Taiwan (and China) and is not as bad as it sounds, it tastes quite delicious. With Taiwanese Pancakes, it makes a delicious meal for $2.50.


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The Asian squat

The Asian squat is the best resting stance when there are no chairs around and the ground is too dirty. It's also the best way to go to the bathroom as it doesn't restrict the flow of fecal matter in anyway.


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What's up Taipei!

No trademark violation intended (it's actually an advertisement logo)


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My favorite Japan photo

And now, for my favorite photo that I took during my trip to Japan (partially because I almost froze my butt off while waiting for the right shot).

In contrast to the white castle of Himeji, Matsumoto Castle is the counterpart, the black castle. Like Himeji, it is one of the treasures of Japan and has many similar features. But unlike Himeji, it was built on a flat plane (rather than a hill) and it did not survive the Meiji Period unscathed.

Uniquely to Matsumoto Castle (and Takamatsu Castle) however, a Tsukimi Yagura, or moon viewing room, is attached to the main keep. It is rare for a building of war to have such a feature as it is only used for pleasure and is only built during a prolonged period of peace.


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The Japan experience

I feel like this photo summarizes my brief experience with the Japanese people pretty well.

They are a proud, strict, polite, and aging group of people. They do their duties with the highest quality and respect of any places that I have visited, and yet, they do them without any room for flexibility; they are bound by tradition and their unwavering routine.

With an aging populace due to high cost of living, an economy shrinking for the last 10+ years, and a growing adversary who hold a grudge against their actions 80 years ago, I feel that Japan is at an important time that will define whether if it has already seen the best time behind them, or, if it can be the country that all nations strive to be.


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